Created by nature.
Brought to you by Glycom.

Human Natural Oligosaccharides, in science also known as human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), are complex carbohydrates that offer unique benefits to human health. They are safe, natural to the human body and originally found in large quantities in mother’s milk and in the human body.

At Glycom we have cracked the code of making them widely available for human consumption for the first time. With more than 1000m³ capacity to supply the world market

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Science and technology is at the heart of all we do

World class R&D. Rich preclinical and clinical programs. Independently and with partners.

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Nature's gifts made
widely available

Glycom's Human Natural Oligosaccharides are being rolled out globally in various applications for infant nutrition, children and adults.

Made in Denmark at our own large-scale food grade facility. The largest in the world. Certified at the highest quality levels and approved for use…even in infant formula.

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About Glycom

Glycom is a Danish biotechnology company dedicated to improving human health with Human Natural Oligosaccharides. Our first focus is making Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) widely available. HMOs are complex carbohydrates originally found in mother’s milk, where they contribute to many of its significant health benefits. At Glycom, we have cracked the code of manufacturing these unique compounds, that are natural to the human body, and authorized
as safe by EFSA and FDA.

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