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The Glycom journey

Cracking the code of large-scale synthesis

Glycom was founded by five world-famous carbohydrate chemists with more than 100 years of combined experience and more than 1,000 articles about carbohydrate synthesis between them. They were motivated by the scientific challenge of being able to synthesize complex Human Milk Oligosaccharides. So in 2005, they embarked on a mission. They began their efforts to crack the code of large-scale synthesis of HMOs.

And they succeeded – with the help of professional passion and deep science. For the first time ever, Glycom made significant quantities of individual HMOs available for study, and the first scale clinical trial to test these HMOs was conducted in 2007. 


As the success of the Glycom HMO research continued, Nestlé took a strategic stake in the company.

Securing approvals

As the commercial feasibility and impact of HMOs became more evident, the search for regulatory approvals and manufacturing intensified. Approvals for Glycom’s HMOs were secured from EFSA in Europe and the FDA in the US in 2015.

From chemistry to fermentation

Over time the Glycom view of the most productive technology shifted, and Glycom decided to shift the HMO production from organic chemistry to fermentation. This development culminated in the acquisition and adaptation of a state of the art production facility suited to HMO fermentation. Following major engineering, the first state-of-the-art HMO production plant is now in operation.

Entering the commercial markets

As a result, we have launched two lead HMOs and are ramping up production to allow for worldwide roll-out.

Realizing our aspiration

We are now ready for the next phase of our journey: making Glycom a major independent company based on leadership within Human - Natural Oligosaccharides.


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