GlyCare™ 2FL

GlyCare™ 2FL

2'FL promotes a healthy start in life for infants

2'FL (2'fucosyllactose) is the most abundant fucosylated Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) in human milk at ~2g/L1 and can positively impact the health of infants : 

  • A protective role; preventing infection of the gut
  • Improve gut barrier and immune regulation
  • Important for cognitive development

GlyCare™ 2FL is clinically tested and can positively impact the health of infants, for example by reducing incidence of bronchitis and respiratory tract infections, and reducing usage of antibiotics and antipyretics2. In addition, GlyCare™ 2FL beneficially modulates the infant gut microbiota to establish a microbiota composition closer to that of breastfed infants3. 2’FL also plays a protective role by preventing infection by pathogenic organisms4, and helps prevent inflammation5,6.

2FL crystallized powder

Digestive health in children and adults

Furthermore, GlyCare 2FL has been clinically proven safe, well tolerated and bifidogenic in children and adults7,8.

Currently, GlyCare 2FL is commercially available for use in infant formula, baby and kids nutrition and supplements as well as general digestive health applications in the following products:  

  • GlyCare 2FL 9000 - Premium crystallized powder
  • GlyCare 2FL 9000HA - Hypoallergenic, Crystallized powder
  • GlyCare 2FL 9000KfP - Kosher for Passover, Crystallized powder  

Please contact us for specific product data sheets on each product and other details you find necessary - click here

GlyCare 2FL is approved for sales in many markets including US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. 

GlyCare 2FL is also available as Analytical Standard - click here.


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