The broadest commercially available HMO product portfolio

GlyCare™ Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) product portfolio

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GlyCare™ has the broadest commercially available HMO product portfolio including two HMO classes which is continuously expanding. GlyCare™ 2FL and GlyCare™ LNnT are approved for use in foods (incl. infant formula and foods) and consumer health products. Our HMO powders are manufactured via fermentation and are subsequently purified and packaged at our site in Esbjerg, Denmark. 

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Glycom is continuously expanding the GlyCare™ portfolio

In order to ensure that we can help you stay at the forefront of HMO containing products, Glycom's R&D is developing cost-effective production processes for additional HMOs with a focus on making a broad diversity of HMOs commercially available. 

We also invest in understanding how HMOs benefit both children and adults. This is done through clinical and mechanistic studies, partnerships and donation programs connected to more than 40 researchers and research institutions globally.

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The most abundant fucosylated HMO

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Highly abundant neutral core HMO

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